If your church is not listed and it is in the City of Tennille please email us with the name and any other relevant information (address, phone, website, etc).

Church name Phone Address
St John Church of God and Christ (478) 240-9713 320 E 3rd Ave, Tennille, GA
Tennille Baptist Church (478) 552-7350 203 North Main Street, Tennille, GA
Tennille Grove Baptist Church (478) 552-0083 400 Greta Street, Tennille, GA
Waco Family Worship Center (478) 552-1645 112 Acme Road, Tennille, GA
Tennille Christian Church (478) 552-5557 402 North Main Street, Tennille, GA
New Birth Christian Ministries (478) 240-9916 409 Zeta Street, Tennille, GA
Good Shephard Church of the Nazarene
316 East South Central Avenue, Tennille, GA
Tennille United Methodist Church (478) 552-7811 210 Smith Street, Tennille, GA
True Love Christian Fellowship Church
102 South Central Avenue Tennille, GA
St James Christian Fellowship Church (478) 552-3451 210 Chaloux Road, Tennille, GA